Royce Da 5’9 Slams The Source Founder Over Eminem: You Don’t F*ck w/ Authenticity!!

Royce Da 5’9 got into it with Dave Mays, one of the founders of The Source, after Dave said some uncomplimentary things about Eminem.

On Clubhouse, somebody made a comparison between Eminem and Dave — and Dave said, “we are not the same,” in response.

“You got that right bro. You are not the same,” Royce replied.

“I don’t have none of that of that in my history. As far as f*cking with the streets, f*cking with authenticity in hip-hop, it’s documented,” Mays continued added.

Royce responded: “Man, you f*ck with Benzino! You don’t f*ck with authenticity. I’m a kick your ass to the curb. You f*ck with cornballs.” Royce then removed him from the stage before.


“Enough of Dave Mays. F*ck out of here,” Royce said. “F*ck he talking to, I’ll put death on your doorstep. I’m not divided, I’m not one with Dave Mays. Let’s get this sh*t straight. Ya’ll n*ggas in here acting like this n*gga at the cookout.”

Listen to the exchange below.

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