Royce Da 5’9 Responds To Fredro Starr: I Don’t Let N*ggas Play With Me!!

Royce Da 5’9 was recently a topic of discussion on the Rappers Ballers Podcast with Fredro Starr, Van Lathan and Jonny Vulgar where Fredro called Royce a “nerd” rapper.

Royce took to Instagram to share a clip of the segment before posting a video addressing Fredro at length.

“Ay Fredro my brother, come here for a sec,” he said. “Let me start by saying I have nothing but the sincerest admiration for your legacy and what you’ve contributed to the culture. Any time that I ever speak about you in that regard, I’m always gon’ make sure that it comes across clear and concise that it’s respect, to where it’s nothing that you even would have to think about.”

He later says: “But it’s also one thing that I’ve never done. And if you follow me then you know, you never seen me play with n*ggas and you never seen n*ggas play with me. I don’t let n*ggas play with me, I never let n*ggas play with me, you know what I’m saying? What I dont like to do is I don’t like to play games, there’s too much going on in the world right now. Like it’s a very serious time.


Then Royce cuts ties with Fredro once and for all.

“And I have no desire whatsoever to build any sort of relationship with you moving forward, just so we clear. So there’s no reason for you to ever f*cking play with me again. I don’t play, I don’t like to play. Save that playing sh*t for a n*gga that you playing with that’s playing with you back. And I won’t come f*ck over you. And I’m not gon’ say it again, Fredro Starr. You keep being a legend, and I’m a keep doing what the f*ck I do. Next time you mention me, you mention me and you give me the compliments or whatever you wanna give me, and you leave all that extra sh*t out of it, because it’s something that come with that. Bless that.”

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