Royce Da 5’9 Claps Back At ‘Mr. 5 Mics’ Benzino!!

As usual, if anybody steps up to diss Eminem, Royce Da 5’9 addresses them — and Benzino is no different.

Over the weekend and into this week, Benzino has been dissing Eminem, his fans and supporters – and Royce has had enough.

“I can’t wait till Benzino get on Clubhouse,” Royce wrote.” A Front row seat to the most obligatory pseudo toxic masculine tough guy talk the world has ever seen. Please Clap for this hoe ass n*gga so he can try to move on. He stuck in 06. Thank you… Peace, Peace.”

Benzino caught wind of Royce’s diss and clapped back:

“N*gga it took that long to answer you F*cking slave,” he wrote. “after you finish washing his drawers and sucking his dick holla at me. You the biggest coon in hip you sellout. How cam you be Malcom X and Sambo joe at the same damn time? I’m not Lil pump u f*ck boi.”

He continued, “I didn’t think it would take you this long to put your Kkkrakka cape on, you trying to look good in front of other side but they don’t f*ck wit u either bozo How come u never said nothing about the racist tapes mepro black. The world knows your marshals lap dog.”

He added: “@Royceda59 you had EMs platform this long and still irrelevant? You still ain’t blown? You been sucking his dick so long you forgot that ur an artist too. It wasn’t t long ago when you going at him so now u think n*ggas won’t go at him because of u? U a whole P*ssy our here.”

Royce simply responded with the following message:

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