Rosie O’Donnell: Whitney Houston Didn’t Want Gay Part Of Her life Exposed!!

Rose O’Donnell is speaking about late singer Whitney Houston, and says the singer did not want the gay part of her life exposed.

So why is Rosie exposing it?

“Robyn [Crawford], who was her partner for a while, she had written me and told me that was a very big day for them – the crew around her – to think that they had to make inroads to try to help her, and sadly, they didn’t. Or couldn’t,” she said of Whitney.


“Whitney was troubled by, I think, the gay part of her life and didn’t want it exposed. think that there was a lot of conflict about that. It’s culturally more difficult I think. That weighed heavily on her, growing up in the church and gospel and singing. I think there was a lot of conflict about that.”

In 2019, Robyn Crawford released the memoir, A Song For You: My Life With Whitney Houston, alleging their affair before the singer passed.

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