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Rosie O'Donnell OUTS Whitney Houston: 'She Was An Open Lesbian'

For years there had been speculation as to whether legendary singer Whitney Houston was gay, straight, or bisexual. Now MTO News has learned, that Whitney's former friend Rosie O'Donnell is claiming to have the tea.

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Earlier this week openly gay comedian Rosie O'Donnell spoke out about the late pop star Whitney Houston's struggle with her sexuality...

Rosie told the "Hot Takes & Deep Dives" podcast,

“Whitney was troubled by, I think, the gay part of her life and didn’t want it exposed. I think that there was a lot of conflict about that. It’s hard in black culture to accept gayness. It’s culturally more difficult, I think. And the church … the Baptist Church weighed heavily on her."

Whitney's longtime girlfriend Robin Crawford - came out publicly about their affair last year. In an excerpt published by People and and in an interview with NBC News Dateline, Robin claimed that she and Houston indeed had a romantic and sexual relationship. The relationship eventually ended because of homophobic pressure.

Whitney's estate is denying Robin's claims.