Rose McGowan’s Lawsuit Against Harvey Weinstein Dismissed


Rose McGowan’s lawsuit against Harvey Weinstein has been dismissed after she failed to meet the deadline set by the court.

According to court documents viewed by Fox News, Judge Otis D. Wright dismissed McGowan’s case with prejudice on Dec. 6. That means she can not file the lawsuit again at a later date. 

In her lawsuit, she alleged that Weinstein used his power and influence to try and silence her. She said Weinstein’s actions violated the Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organizations Act.


“As of today’s date, Plaintiff has not filed any brief in response to the Court’s Order and Minute Order. Accordingly, Plaintiff is deemed to have conceded the two points the Court gave her opportunity to argue in the supplemental brief,” the documents read. “Accordingly, the Court concludes that Plaintiff is unable to sufficiently plead a RICO claim, meaning that further amendment would be futile.”

McGowan alleged the producer raped her in 1997 after she appeared in one of his films.

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