Rod Wave Accuses Record Labels Of Finding Artists To Steal His Style

Rapper Rod Wave has said in a new song that he thinks record labels are seeking out artists to steal his style.

“Thankful for the promoters, I open up on the mic / Now I’m singing for you three months back to back, I sell out every night/ Labels used to look past me, now they trying to remake me/ Grab a fat n*gga out the trenches and replace me/ Tryna duplicate me, can’t be/ This always been my dream/ I always heard this voice in the back of my head sing,” he raps on “Get Ready.”

In an interview with Complex last year, the rapper says music is his way of “opening up.”

 “Music is a way of opening up. I don’t really talk about it. I never thought I would be on the phone with you right now. I never thought I would be on the tour or that people would want to talk about my album,” he said. “It was never about that. I just wanted to make music, because it’s how I get stuff off my chest. I want it to always feel like my escape.” 


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