Rock Steady’s Crazy Legs Responds To Sexual Harassment Allegations!!

Crazy Legs of the legendary breaking crew has been accused of having a history of sexual harassment, according to an online petition.

“Founder of Rock Steady Crew Richard Colón (a.k.a. Crazy Legs) has been using his power of influence to sexually harass women. Not only so, this behavior has gone on for a long time without being checked. He has failed to take accountability for his actions, and the Bboy/Bgirl community needs to take action! This man should not be involved with Redbull or Olympics, as he is a proven sexual predator,” the petition reads.


In a lengthy post shared online, he appears to admit the allegations, which accused him of sending unwarranted pics of his genitalia to women and young girls.

“What I’m going through is necessary and good for me,” he writes. “I have refused to be honest for myself for too long. I haven’t admitted or discuss with people around me the things that lead me into depression. I’ve always thought my symptoms were the problem, when it was me not wanting to admit that I was in a deep depression and had a fear of looking weak by sharing it with others who would be supportive and helpful.”

Check his full response below.

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