Robbery Gone Wrong: Begs Employee Not To Call Police! (‘Please, I Just Came Home’)

A robbery at a T-Mobile store went horribly wrong for the gunman, after he loses his gun – and begs the employee not to call police, MTO News has learned.

The incident occurred inside of a T-mobile store. It starts with a gunman pulling a firearm on the store’s sole employee – and demanding money.

The gunman can be heard saying, “Give me the money n**ga.”

The employee stays calm, and assures the gunman that he’s going to turn over the store’s cash. But MOT News witnessed that as soon as the gunman let down his guard – it was over for him.

The quick thinking employee quickly lunged forward and grabbed the gun. The two men started wrestling, and eventually the store employee was able to wrestle the gun away from the robber.


The robber then began begging the employee to let him go.

First he told the employee, “Hey, it was just a joke . . . I was playing.”

When the employee didn’t accept his explanation, the robber began begging. He can be head saying, “Please daddy, don’t call the police . . . I just came home from prison.”

The employee was not moved by the pleading felon. MTO News learned that the T-mobile employee called the local police, and the gunman was apprehended.

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