Rihanna Shows WEIGHT LOSS In New Fenty X Lingerie Pics – No More Thickianna!!

Rihanna is heating up the internet with new pics that she leaked ahead of her special Black Friday Savage X sale coming up, MTO News has learned.

Here are the pics that Rihanna released to promote her brand’s upcoming sale. She appears to have lost quite a bit of weight – no more Thick-ianna.

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Rihanna’s brand always has major deals to celebrate the shopping holiday, and 2021 is no different. VIP members will get a head start on the sales this year, but there are enough discounts for everyone.

Savage X Fenty doesn’t have many sales, so Black Friday is one of your only chances to get the brand’s lingerie for a steal. Given the fact that Savage x Fenty sells out of products on a regular basis, this event is definitely going to be an every person for themselves type of situation. To get in on the hype, below are all the details about Savage x Fenty’s Black Friday sale.

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