Rihanna & Ciara BOTH Unfollow Meg Thee Stallion . . . ‘She Musta Done Something FOUL’!

Meg Thee Stallion could be on the verge of another HUGE scandal in her life, MTO News has learned. According to our insider, Rihanna has had some discomfort with Megan – over some perceived past flirtation between Meg and Rihanna’s babys father A$AP Rocky.

And MTO News learned that yesterday something must have happened between the two that caused Rihnanna to unfollow Meg on social media.

Two years ago, Rihanna started following Meg:

The two were friends, and Rihanna even signed Meg to a lucrative Fenty X modeling contract. 

But as of yesterday, Rihanna unfollowed Meg:

And it wasn’t just Rihanna that unfollowed Meg. MTO News confirmed that it was a coordinated unfollow attack.

Minutes after Rihanna unfollowed Meg, Ciara unfollowed her also. 

MTO News was not able to ascertain exactly WHAT Meg did to get two of the biggest and friendliest Black female stars in the world to unfollow her. But it had to be something BIG!!

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Black Twitter is going CRAZY over the unfollow attack by Ciara and Rihanna. For a while Meg was the number one trending topic on Twitter.

Here are some videos of Meg and Ciara from just a few months ago. They seemed to be friendly.

So what do you guys think. What did Meg do to get Ciara and Rihanna to unfollow her??

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