Rick Ross Weighs In On The Kanye West & Drake Beef: I Love It!!

Rick Ross is enjoying the growing beef between Kanye West and Drake.

“I love it,” Ross said in a recent interview. Ross was on the phone with Drake this week.

“He said, ‘Everything is unfolding. I’m about to be as free as a bird. And he put the caption with the owl. And I just, I couldn’t do nothing but put ‘hahahaha’ because to me, I understand the genius to both of these artists, and I understand this is nothing personal to them. This is two levels of creativity inspiring each other,” he says.

“Because they both are right now thinking of the artwork, thinking of the credits, where do we place, what color is this, and to me, it only makes the game that much more genius, that much more valuable.”


He also didn’t think Kanye posting Drake’s address on social media is a big deal.

“Kanye posted Drake’s address on the Instagram, but who didn’t have Drake address already?” he said. “It’s the only 100 million dollar estate in Canada. So if you don’t understand what’s going on, you would’ve thought that was personal. It really wasn’t. That’s just them getting ready for as Drake said everything unfolding.”

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