Rick Ross: We Still F*ck With You Nate!!

Rapper Rick Ross is also lending his support to Nate Robinson after his brief boxing debut and subsequent crushing defeat.

“We still f*ck with you Nate,” he said in a clip. “Everything good, n*gga. We know you play basketball, n*gga, you ain’t bought. Somebody tricked you into getting that check, we still f*ck with you.”

He also had a few words to say about the online #NateRobinsonChallenge.

He continued: “I’m finna find me a Nate Robinson jersey to put on today. Y’all got the Robinson challenge going on, they pickin’ on the man. That’s my dog, man. … I’m gonna find me a Nate Robinson jersey, because this sh*t ain’t right. Y’all did my dog wrong, y’all know he was promoting WingStop. Y’all know that man, man.”

He offered words of upliftment — while simultaneously plugging his chicken franchise. “I want you to still go get you a 50-piece WingStop and find a way to enjoy the day. All the memes going on. Everybody face down, ass up. I get it, I get it. But Nate, you went in there and got you a check, just look at the positive.”

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