Rick Ross Reveals Why He Cuts His Own Grass

Rick Ross may own a sprawling mansion, but he revealed that he cuts his own grass to save money and for some peace of mind.

“I bought a tractor that is enclosed and has air conditioning and a radio. I had the windows tinted so I wouldn’t cause too much confusion with the traffic right next to the estate,” he told Forbes. “People still know it’s me, but when I get in the tractor, it’s a whole other level of peace, a whole other level of connecting with the estate and the animals and the birds and the wildlife.”

He continued, “I sit there and have my cannabis rolled up, and, man, I look at the property and can appreciate my struggles and my triumphs, those rough days. For anybody who doesn’t cut their own grass, I would say take time out every two or three months to cut your grass because it is such a great and peaceful sensation.”

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