Rick Ross Responds To Terell Stoglin: You Should Support J. Cole!!

Rick Ross has responded to AS Sale Guard Terrell Stoglin after he slammed J. Cole for playing for Rwanda’s basketball team.

“In no way is this meant to be disrespectful, but first and foremost, should no Black man’s dreams be censored nor limited,” says Ross.

“Comin’ from a brother, I think you would understand what building these types of relationships would do for the business. For the eyes on the industry, you know what I’m sayin’? You should be there to support the brother. If he made one point on the first game, by the time he get to the 10th, you should make sure he makin’ six a game, you understand?”

Speaking to ESPN, Terrell said:

“For a guy who has so much money and has another career to just come here and average, like, one point a game and still get glorified is very disrespectful to the game,” Terrell Stoglin.

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