Rick Ross: I Never Learned My Multiplication

Rick Ross is rich forever and has a lot of businesses but in a recent interview, he said that he still has not learned his multiplication.

“I was a comedian, I had a good sense of humor,” he shared. “I was the funny dude and all that. And I don’t think just because I naturally wanted to be the jackass, but I didn’t know the answers to the questions and all the stuff [the teachers was] writing on the wall. And that might’ve been my way to cover that up because I never understood, I never learned my multiplication, still to this day,” he told Afrotech.

He says being bad at math made him a better writer.

“So imagine, when they began going into pre-algebra, A equals E, that shit was like a whole other language to me, I just wanted to walk out of the goddamn…’ What are you talking about? A equals E? What is this?’ So, I knew right then, while I was sitting in the math class, I wanted to learn to be a great speaker. So that’s what made me become a writer. And I think that’s why I’m a author now.”


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