Rick Ross DISSES Meek Mill . . . Says Meek ‘Sold His Soul But Still On A Leash’!!

The BEEF between rapper Rick Ross and Meek Mill is heating up. MTO News has learned that on Rick Ross’ new album, he disses Meek Mill.

Meek and Ross have been beefing now for years. Meek wants Ross to let him out of his contract, so that he can sign to Jay Z’s RocNation. But Ross is refusing to let Meek go, unless Meek pays him a HUGE fee, MTO News confirmed.

Last month, Meek went on social media and blasted Ross for not letting him out of his contract.

Now Ross is responding. MTO News has learned that on his new track Little Havana, he refers to Meek as a “dog on a leash”, and says that Meek “sold his soul.”

Here are some lyrics:

n*ggas soul being sold and still own a leash

Roger Goodell boy, he ain’t a corniche

I was really throwin’ money, I really saw Meech

And I let them rappin’ n*ggas get closer to Meek

It ain’t bottle made the most but let’s make a toast

‘Cause a lot of n*ggas told and kept it on the low


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