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Rick Ross Denies Meek Mill Has Issues w/ Him

Rick Ross has denied that he and Meek Mill have issues after Meek claimed the label was not paying him.

"I'ma be honest, when Meek taking a jab at anybody, the only way I can assume is he's doing that at Atlantic Records," he said.

"All we ever did was get paper and it's real easy to say a n*gga name. Ain't nothing to-- you feel me? I know what it is when me and Meek always got money. He a boss now. We done been down ten years. Is he signed to Maybach Music? Yes, he is. But he's also a boss and real bosses give other bosses opportunities to become bigger bosses," said Ross. "Go, man. Go buy the biggest sh*t in Dubai, man. Let's go be billionaires. And if I'm only gonna get $7 billion and you get $20 billion, God is great! That's all it is. Is it any pressure? It ain't no pressure. And always remember, it's real easy to make it clear when it's pressure."