Rich The Kid Kicked Off Airplane For Smelling Like Weed!!

Rapper Rich The Kid is claiming that he was racially discriminated against by an airline after they kicked him off a flight for allegedly smelling like weed.

Rich posted video to his Instagram Live, showing him arguing with airport staff for kicking him off the flight.

“You on live now. Since you want to racially discriminate me. Guess what? Look!” Rich told the staffers. “She’s trying to tell me I smell like marijuana. I don’t even smoke marijuana, woman. I don’t smoke.”

He continued: “The world gonna know. Your son — you have kids? He probably know me. Since you wanna play, you don’t know who I am! She’s trying to racially discriminate me, tellin’ me I don’t know what I’m doing, I’m high? I don’t even smoke weed”

The male staff member denied that the decision to remove him from the flight was racially motivated. The female staffer can also be heard telling the rapper that he was seen “falling,” implying that he was possibly high.

The rapper has threatened legal action.

Watch the clip below.

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