Rich Dollaz Has Unfinished Business W/ Erica Mena

Rich Dollaz says he has unfinished business with his ex, Erica Mena.

During an interview with VH1, he said: “You gotta remember we first started this show ten years ago. I was a different person.”

Rich continued, “I was younger, I was less trusting, I was just a different guy so over the years, you learn how to live within your own skin and become your own person. And a lot of that stuff I did back then, I probably wouldn’t do today. Well I know I wouldn’t do today. So that’s kind of why I wanna speak to her because like I said, we have unfinished business.”

Erica recently broke up with ex-husband Safaree. The ex-couple have a son and a daughter together. Erica filed for divorce after claiming he cheated on her. She accused him of seeing Joe Budden’s ex, Kailyn Garcia. Kaylin did not respond to Erica’s allegations and Erica’s fans suspected her claims were true.


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