Salt Lake City’s Mary Cosby: I Didn’t Sleep w/ Grandpa On Wedding Night!!


Mary Cosby from Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is at the center of controversy after admitting that she married her step-grandfather after her grandmother passed away.

In a previous episode, Mary confessed that the union was to ensure that she received her inheritance — but she admits that on the night she married her step-grandfather, she did not have sex with him.


“I’m not gonna lie it was all bizarre. I was actually 22 when we got married… My mom had a fit cause she wanted the church, she wanted my grandmother’s place. My mother felt like she was the one that should’ve married Robert, Sr,” she said.

Oddly enough, it was a fortnight-long period that kept her from sleeping with Robert C. Cosby.

“Thank goodness I was on my period. The period lasted for like, at least two weeks. He was like ‘Are you still on?’ I was like ‘Yep, I’m still on.’ It got awkward… I like stretched it out… I had to get past that.” 

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