‘RHOSLC’s Jen Shah: my Husband Almost Divorced Me!!


RHOSLC’s Jen Shah says her husband almost divorced her after she was arrested by the feds.

“Six months ago, Sharrieff and I almost got a divorce. Lisa, I thought my life was, like, over. Sharrieff felt like he wasn’t being a positive influence in my life, like he couldn’t help me. What I didn’t realize was how I was acting, and because I hadn’t fully told him how I was feeling, it made him feel like he was the problem,” Jen said to Bravo Insider. “And so, he was like, ‘OK, I have to leave.’ And at first I thought, ‘OK, this is just an argument.’ And then the next day, a divorce attorney contacted me. He had already reached out to a divorce attorney. And Lisa, I was devastated.”


“This is the first time he ever said, ‘I am leaving you,'” Jen added.

Jen says she was getting angry often and that was upsetting her husband.

“His final breaking point was, it’s the same stuff I had been doing, honestly. You know, getting angry, getting upset and lashing out to get attention from the people closest to me and this time it was like, ‘We’re hurting too, Jen, and I don’t know how to help you. So maybe somebody else can.'”

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