‘RHOSLC’ Jen Shah’s Former Designer: I’m Glad The Tape Got Leaked!!

Koa Johnson, the former designer of Salt Lake City Housewife, Jen Shah, has said that he’s happy the audio of her verbally abusing him was leaked online.

“I’m glad that it got released. It’s unfortunate [but] now I’m able to speak my truth. When she was calling me a liar or saying, ‘Who raised you? How old are you?’ That was during the premiere. The other video that is circulating on the internet that was during a different time,” Koa said in a recent interview.

In the clip, Jen used explicit language against him and even threatened to physically assault him (allegedly.)

Jen has threatened to sue — but Johnson has denied leaking the clip.

“My relationship with her was definitely different than anyone else’s. I got to know her family, her aunts, her mom, her siblings, and… I do have moments where I do feel sad and do feel hurt because my relationship with her was very intimate. I’m glad that it’s out there, but also I’m human and I empathize with her,” he said.

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