‘RHOP’s Karen Huger Denies Leaking Gizelle Bryant’s Home Address

During a recent interview, Gizelle Bryant accused Karen Huger of leaking her home address.

“I’ve never invited her to my home. I’ve never sent her an invitation with my address. She like told my address. So I was like you’re a 100 percent stalker. You’re a stalker. You’re stalking me, you’re stalking my address. You probably drive by in the middle of the night and that was very strange to me.” Gizelle continued, “Of course they can’t air that because then that’s telling the world…That was crazy to me.”

Karen denies ever doing such a thing. She responded to Gizelle’s allegations on Twitter:

 “You wish you were important enough for me to drive by yours I wish I would waste my good gas on such a non-adventure! Girl you need to lay off the wine Your concern should be, is Jamal coming by, not me! Jamal…please come get yo girl…Can we say delusional? #RHOP” she wrote on the social media platform.


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