‘RHONY’s Eboni K. Williams Takes Social Media Hiatus Following Race Episode

Eboni K. Williams has announced that she is taking a break from social media after a recent episode sparked discussions around race.

Eboni is the first Black cast member of the show.

“After tonight’s episode, I’m not going to be saying ‘goodbye’ but I’m going to be saying ‘see you later’ by way of social media for about two weeks. Tonight’s episode and next week’s episode are really intense and really important and I want you to lean into them,” she said in a video.


“This season is different. We’re in a pandemic. We’re in the middle of the most dynamic call to action around racial reconciliation, certainly in our generation and we’re in the heartbeat of it all in New York City so we’re doing a heavy lift here,” she continued. “[And] I’m not doing it by myself. I’m doing it with my castmates and the support of our network.”

She adds that next week’s episode will also likely cause some heated discussions.

“I’m going to pull back to protect my peace because I know a lot of that conversation and discussion is going to be rich and in dynamic and important and productive. And a lot of it’s going to be some bullsh*t. Some of the people that live on social media and live to make other people’s [lives] a terror and a horror, I’m not here for it. And I won’t be a part of it,” she added.

“It’s not about who’s right and who’s wrong. This is about leaning in, listening, making space for the ability to sit with someone else’s pain, even when you don’t understand it.”

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