‘RHONJ’s Teresa Giudice & Margaret Josephs Beefing!!

New Jersey Housewives Teresa Giudice and Margaret Josephs are reportedly beefing after Margaret brought up a rumor about Jennifer Aydin’s husband.

“Margaret reveals a rumor about Bill cheating on Jennifer years ago which ends up being true. Of course, Jennifer doesn’t initially react very well but the ladies take it a step further by doing things purposely to shut her out,” the source told All About Real Housewives.

Jennifer and Margaret eventually made up but Teresa and Margaret are still on bad terms.


“Teresa and Margaret have been feuding the last two weeks. Marge has been in Teresa Giudice’s boyfriend [Luis] business and has been saying things that are getting back to Teresa about him,” the source says. “Teresa has had enough of Marge talking about her relationship and the two have a blowout in Nashville which ends up with Teresa unfollowing Marge and wanting nothing to do with her.”

“Marge keeps bringing up rumors she has heard about Luis and continues to bring attention to those rumors.”

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