‘RHOBH’s Lisa Rinna To Be Deposed In Erika Jayne Legal Case


The investigating attorney in the case against Erika Jayne reportedly wants to depose Lisa Rinna over comments she made during the show.

“If you combine [the business manager] with the fact that Lisa Rinna’s been defending her, and she’s been vouching for her saying that she wasn’t involved, so if you’re gonna make a statement of fact, you better have a basis of knowledge,” Ronald Richards said in a recent interview. “And so if Lisa Rinna is defending her, then we’re going to get testimony from her to see why does she have personal knowledge that Erika Girardi has no liability here.”

Lisa has had Erika’s back on the show and has said that she doesn’t believe Erika knew about what her estranged husband was up to.


Richards says that’s not an excuse.

“For our purposes in this case, I don’t really care whether she knew,” Richards said on the Up And Adam channel. “That’s like what we call a red herring. That’s like a feel-good argument. You cannot keep $25 million of other people’s money and then just take the position, ‘I didn’t know where my husband got it from.’ Okay, he got it from settlement documents and settlement payments, and you gotta return it, or a portion of it. We’re obviously not expecting to get all of it.”

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