‘RHOBH’s Lisa Rinna Explains Why She Hasn’t Given Erika Jayne The Denise Richards Treatment

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna is being called a hypocrite for not treating Erika Jayne the same way she treated Denise Richards.

Lisa was very mean to Denise over her alleged threesome drama, but she’s been very supportive of Erika’s alleged part in her husband’s fraud scandal.

“What I will tell you is I am somebody that does take a look at my behavior and what I’ve done and I have grown since last year and I’m not going to behave the same way that I did last year with Denise with Erika,” Lisa said on Watch What Happens Live.


“It’s different. It’s like apples and oranges. We’re dealing with a totally different set of circumstances. And what I do have to say is the audience needs to just wait and let it play out. We’re just at the beginning of this,” she added.

“I’ve known Erika a long time. I don’t think she knew anything,” Lisa continued. “Why would Tom Girardi tell Erika anything? The lawyers didn’t even know. That is how I feel. I’m going to stand by it. If I’m wrong, I’ll f-cking deal with it. [But] that’s my feeling.”

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