‘RHOBH’s Jen Shah’s Assistant Will ‘Likely’ Snitch On Her

Salt Lake City Housewife Jen Shah’s assistant is preparing to snitch on her.

That’s according to a source.

“A lot of Breaking news on [Jen Shah]. 1. Her assistant is going to plead and most likely flip on her. 2. Her trial date will get moved due to lack of courtrooms. 3. Court issues a ten page ruling denying her motions,” attorney Ronald Richards tweeted.

He also shared a letter from her assistant’s attorney.

“I represent Stuart Smith in the above-referenced case. In response to the Court’s order of August 3, 2021, setting a pretrial conference on August 10, 2021 at 2:00 p.m. to establish firm dates for trial. I hereby represent to your honor that Mr. Smith is working diligently towards a resolution of this case. I am confident his case will be resolved without the necessity of a trial and I hereby request that we be excused from the August 10, 2021 hearing,” the attorney wrote.


The feds are accusing Jen of being part of a telemarketing scheme that ripped off elderly people.

She was hit with charges of money laundering and fraud.

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