‘RHOBH’s Garcelle Beauvais Confronts Lisa Rinna Over Denise Richards Scandal

During the last season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, newbie Garcelle Beauvais fell out with her longtime friend, Lisa Rinna after Lisa stirred the pot in Denise Richard’s scandal.

Brandi Glanville claimed she had a summer-long affair with Denise. Garcelle was defensive of her friend, but Lisa kept digging and picking and Garcelle did not like it one bit.

“Right now I don’t like her at all,” Garcelle said during her confessional.

“I really care about you, I always have. I’ve taken a lot of time to self reflect and I wanna apologize if i hurt you,” Lisa told Garcelle over drinks. “I know I did and I want to apologize for that. My intention is to never hurt you. Hurt people hurt people and I was hurt and I hurt.”

“I was harder on Denise than I needed to be,” Lisa continued. “I’d much rather be like you, I don’t care and I’m standing by my friend. That’s f*cked up, absolutely 100%.”

Garcelle asked why Lisa didn’t just support Denise.

“The way you were were Denise, how can I trust you won’t turn around and do that to me?” she asked.

“Sometimes I can be a c*nt, a real c*nt,” Lisa saod, “I’m gonna say it about myself. I know there’s a lot of hurt, it’s gonna take you a minute to trust me. I think the best thing to do is move on from that.”

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