‘RHOBH’s Erika Jayne Reportedly Wore A Wire & Cooperated In Fraud Case

During an episode of RHOBH, Erika Jayne admitted she wore a wire and fully cooperated with the feds.

According to the investigating attorney, this was mostly true.

“She wore a wire. She cooperated in the case, where she contented she was a victim of some sort of credit card offense,” said Ronald Richards.

“It seems so unfair, that after everything that’s gone on… that she would be a witness and someone could actually go to prison as a result of money that she allegedly would have lost that was repaid to her by her credit card company,” he continued.

“And that money could have been other people’s or other lenders’ or other creditors’. The whole thing sounded so bad that I was relieved to find out that the right result occurred… As a result of work we’ve accomplished, there was a fresh look at this and she’s no longer with the government on this case as a witness.”

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