‘RHOBH’s Erika Jayne Accuses Costars Of ‘Torturing’ Her


In the most recent episode of RHOBH, Erika Jayne accused her costars of torturing her by repeatedly bringing up her serious legal issues.

Sutton has repeatedly told Erika and the other ladies that she’s worried about how her legal situation could impact all of them. Ericka says that it has nothing to do with them and finally, Dorit said what she was thinking.

“Of course, there’s a worry inside of you, ‘Could I be subpoenaed?’ It doesn’t make us bad friends, we just want a little reassurance,” Dorit told producers.

She also told Erika that she did not agree as all of the ladies names are included in all of the articles about Erika’s alleged involvement in her estranged husband’s embezzlement case.


“I am going to support you until the bitter end. I will do anything you need. Anything. But holy sh*t. When you’re reading about victims and orphans and widows, that’s very hard to digest,” Dorit said.

“How do you think I feel? I feel a lot worse than you do,” Erika said, asking her costars why they are “torturing” her. “Look at me, c’mon. Look at my f*cking life. Why are you all doing this to me? I’m looking at all of you. What are you doing?”

The ladies blamed Sutton for the drama but really, they’ve all been talking behind her back.

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