‘RHOBH’s Crystal Kung-Minkoff Explains Arrest Warrant

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Crystal Kung-Minkoff has explained an arrest warrant which has found its way onto the internet.

“I’m loving all these memes about my warrant story. Unfortunately, the real story isn’t that exciting and it happened 22 years ago,” Crystal said on Instagram story.

She says it happened while she was attending a graduation at Northern Arizona University.

“As I drove onto campus, the campus police said it wasn’t my turn to go thru the intersection at a [four] way stop and the officer got pissed. So instead of giving me a regular ticket I was cited for using my car as a weapon,” she shared. She says she went home to LA when she received the citation in the mail

“The judge thought it was absurd and said ‘Do you plan on driving here again in the next [six] years?’ I said ‘no’ (I was 16 with my dad and brother in the car) and he replied it was such a hassle for you to come back to Arizona for a hearing to have it dismissed so instead just don’t come back! So there’s the story. Sorry it’s boring.”


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