‘RHOBH’s Accused Of Lying About Tom Girardi’s Car Crash!!

Beverly Hills Housewife Erika Jayne may have fabricated the story she told the ladies on the show about her estranged husband Tom being involved in a car crash.

Erika had brought up the car crash to explain Tom’s “change” in personality, which allegedly caused him to start stealing from his clients.

“I have asked the Pasadena Police Department about any car crash in its vicinity within the timeframe in which it was reported on TMZ and discussed in the show and they don’t have any evidence of this crash,” LA Times reporter Matt said on the Reality Life With Kate Casey podcast.


He says he doubts Erika’s version of events.

“There are actually so many different variations of it in terms of, there’s a cliff and he’s unconscious but he only hurt his ankle. It’s very confusing to me,” he continues.

Matt says he’s been trying to research the car crash for months — but has found absolutely no evidence.

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