‘RHOBH’ Alum Kathryn Edwards Reveals Erika Jayne’s Expensive Taste

Former RHOBH star Kathryn Edwards spoke about witnessing Erika Jayne spend a lot of cash during a cast trip to Dubai.

“She had her two glam guys and then the stylist guy,” she continued. “And these big trunks came. Then they were putting all of her stuff out and getting it all ready. I remember like I had my little, I had like two little Tumi bags. And I put myself … I had no hair, no makeup, no stylist. I was just, I don’t know I was doing the show,” she told David Yontef.

“And it was so funny ’cause they laid out all the jewelry and the shoes and the makeup. I mean, it was like a full freaking production,” she said. “It was crazy. And I remember just looking at it all. All of the clothes, the shoes, and the sunglasses and how much that was there. And thinking how much is she even going to wear in the four days that we were there?”


Kathryn also spoke about the big purchases Erika Jayne spent on her $40,000 a month glam squad.

“[We’re sitting] at the table in the suite and you know, everyone would be ordering and she would just sign for everything because, you know, they were such a big part of whatever it was,” she said. “And I remember just thinking like, holy sh*t, this girl spends money like it’s, you know, coming out of the tap and you know, I didn’t know.”

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