‘RHOA’s Peter Thomas ‘Baffled’ By Ex-Wife Cynthia Bailey’s Lawsuit

This week it was revealed that Cynthia Bailey had sued her ex-husband, Peter Thomas, for an unpaid loan.

Cynthia is suing him to the tune of $170,000 — money she says she poured into his failed business venture.


Peter spoke to vlogger Michelle Brown, telling her he was “baffled.”

“When I saw the lawsuit I was baffled by it. Because my attorney immediately let them know and sent them the deed of when it was recorded by the city of Atlanta, [transferred] from her company to my name.” Peter added that the agreement was also backed up by the former couple’s divorce settlement. “36 months from that, according to the settlement in the divorce, [I have] to give her that $170,000.”

Peter says he won’t be reaching out to Cynthia to speak about the lawsuit:

“I don’t see the point to reach out to her at this stage for the fact that she already did the damage.” He continued, “So, what am I gonna reach out and say to her? Nothing nice would come out of my mouth. She knows how hard it is for Black men out here.”

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