‘RHOA’s Marlo Hampton Thinks Porsha Williams Is Scared She Will Reveal BOLO Truth


Real Housewives of Atlanta star Marlo Hampton has revealed she believes Porsha Williams has ended their friendship because she is afraid that Marlo will spill all of the tea about her and stripper Bolo.

“That next morning, you know I knew what happened,” Marlo told Kandi. “I went to her [Williams’] and I wanted her as a friend – If I come to you and you and I are homegirls and we’re on a trip and I know I went and did something that I probably don’t want the world to know or whatever, I’m like, ‘Dog, look, hold me down. I know ole girl is trying to be your friend but I done f**ked up last night.’ I’m going to ride for you.”


Kenya Moore claimed she heard “sex noises” the night of the scandal. It was also alleged that Bolo did not leave the house until 7 am… but Porsha says she had nothing to do with anything sexual relating to Bolo.

Marlo does not believe her.

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