‘RHOA’s Kandi Burruss Denies Being A Disloyal Friend To Kenya Moore

Fans have accused Kandi Burruss of being a disloyal friend after she seemed to accuse Kenya Moore of not being generous and donating to her COVID relief efforts a few episodes back.

Kandi has always said it like it is, but despite her and Kenya being tight — she has called Kenya out when she feels she is in the wrong. The fans have called her disloyal… Kandi does not agree.

“First of all, if y’all ain’t learned nothing about me in this decade that I’ve been on ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta,’ you should know that I say how I feel. With that being said…”


Kandi added, “Yeah, I think it’s unfair actually because I see some people who you know, say stuff like…anytime we say anything like, I’ll just use the whole Kenya situation as an example, if I say anything that’s disagreeing with Kenya, people be like, ‘Oh, you’re not a real friend to her and blah blah blah.’ At the end of the day, she and I are real friends. I love her very much. But obviously last week I disagreed.”

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