‘RHOA’s Kandi Burruss Doesn’t Believe Kenya Moore & LaToya Ali’s Close Friendship

Real Housewives of Atlanta veteran Kenya Moore has forged a very close friendship with newbie, LaToya Ali — but Kandi Burruss thinks it’s suspect.

“How Kenya and LaToya get to be so close where Kenya and LaToya is putting trips together now? Kenya barely knows LaToya. Let’s start there. Okay? Barely knows LaToya. Now all of a sudden she wanna do trips with LaToya. Put it together. Now she wanna get private jets and invite LaToya to go on the jet with her. That was very interesting,” Kandi said during an episode of Speak On It, where she spoke about the recent girl’s trip.


Kandi added, “Now mind you, some people were very upset about the private jet situation. Especially because we were riding on a bus. The bus was hot, okay? It was very hot. But to be clear, I was not jealous about no private jets. I want that to be understood because I never even been on no d*n private jet and I’m not about to be spending no extra money to go on a private jet to South Carolina, was not finna do it. Call me cheap if you want to. I don’t give a d*mn. I wasn’t going to do it.”

Kenya and LaToya had gotten so close that Kenya even sent her a naked selfie… we still do not know why.

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