‘RHOA’s Falynn Guobadia’s Husband Alludes To Her Cheating

Simon Guobadia, the husband of Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Falynn Guobadia, has alluded to the fact that Falynn may have cheated on him.

Simon gave hints during a recent livestream.

“You guys just want something very salacious. How was [the] infidelity exposed? Just understand that I’m very good at what I do when I need to find something out,” he said, answering fan questions.

Simon continued: “In order for you to have a healthy relationship you have to be emotionally on the same level. You have to vibrate on the same level, spiritually and all of that. When one person is up here and the other person is doing this, vibrating down, you can either go down with them or continue to resist and vibrate up. And eventually, something’s gonna give and say ‘Okay I want to continue to vibrate [high] because when I do these things — good things — happen to me. But when I go do these [bad] things over there rather it’s to cheat or do drugs-or do any kind of thing that is harmful to your spirit or body, there are consequences for it.'”

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