REPORT: Pete Davidson Is PACKING . . . Allegedly He’s Holding 10 INCHES! (Kanye’s Gonna Cry)

Have you ever wondered what Kim Kardashian sees in the skinny and goofy comedian Pete Davidson, it’s because according to reports compiled by MTO News, Kim’s new man is holding massive artillery below the belt.

MTO News learned that shortly after Ariana Grande split with the comedian, she spilled tea on him.

Cardi Spills Tea On Karrueche And Quavo

A fan asked Grande, “How long is Pete?” on Twitter, adding, “Oh as in the interlude…” Grande took it and ran with it in a since-deleted tweet on Friday afternoon, writing, “Like 10 inches? …oh f*ck…i mean…like a lil over a minute.” 

Here’s the screenshot:

And if you think that was just a joke think again. 

MTO News also obtained an image of Ariana flipping through her journal. In the journal, she had a page dedicated to her ex Pete Davidson. On the page, she had a photo of the two of them together. 

Ariana wrote “sorry I dipped,” describing how she broke the comedian’s heart when she abruptly broke up with him.

She also wrote the word “HUUUUGE” under his picture – which led many to believe she was describing his manhood.

Here is the image.


You should expect another Kanye West rant, as soon as he learns of this report . . . . 

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