Report: Adele Won’t Leave Rich Paul’s Mansion Until He Promises Not To Break Up With Her!!

The relationship between pop singer Adele and NBA super-agent Rich Paul is getting CRAZY. And for Rich Paul’s sake – he should RUN FOR THE HILLS if this new report is true.

MTO News has received a report that claim that Adele is currently “refusing” to leave Rich Paul’s home unless he promises NOT to break up with her.

The couple have been going through a rough patch in their relationship – and Adele is now acting CRAZY, according to the report. A UK publication says that Adele shut down her Las Vegas residency, and is staying at Rich Paul’s house and won’t return to Vegas until they “fix” their relationship.

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Here’s a piece of the report from The Sun:

 ‘Adele is staying at Rich’s house in Beverly Hills just trying to fix their relationship because things have become strained. They barely saw each other at the beginning of the month because he was away for work and she was trying to focus on the Vegas show.

‘She was upset he couldn’t be there with her when things started falling apart with the residency and it made things difficult for them both. She needed him there, but he couldn’t because he has his own busy career too.’ It was said to be a ‘very emotional and stressful time for her’, but now they are trying to save things by spending some quality time together.

‘There’s trouble in paradise,’ Johnson cited an inside source as saying. ‘That’s why she can’t perform.’ Sources close to Adele’s camp claim that she has been crying through rehearsals and interrupting them to take phone calls with Paul.

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