Remy Martin Sues 50 Cent For Copyright Infringement!!

Remy Martin has filed a lawsuit against 50 Cent’s Sire Spirits — alleging its Branson cognac infringes Remy Martin’s trade-dress and design-patent rights.

They accuse the rapper of stealing its jewel-shaped glass cognac bottle design, according to Reuters.

According to the liquor brand, they say its “Centaure de Diamant” cognac bottle has a unique “circular array of raised flat and angled quadrilateral facets” around a wheel-like body that converge at a “centrally located circular surface.”

They say Fif’s liquor copied the design.

” They are afraid of me already Branson Cognac is the new wave. REMY is #2 Behind Henny and worried about Branson Smh i’m just getting started,” 50 posted on Instagram.

He also posted images of the two bottles side by side.

Some people agree with Remy:

” n*gga that’s the same bottle, different taste tho,” one follower wrote.

“But it does look like the Remy bottle,” another wrote.

Another added, “It do looks similar of all styles ..could of chose a different bottle type ‍♂️”

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