Relationship Guru Derrick Jaxn CONFIRMS He Stepped Out On Wife! (‘I Was Separated’)

Self proclaimed relationship guru Derrick Jaxn, who built a business on teaching women how not to get “dogged” by men and how to make good choices in their relationships with men, is now denying allegations that he slept with another woman while still married to his wife.


A woman named Candice De Medeiros sat down with Tasha K, where she claimed that she once had an affair with him.

She claimed that Jaxn flew her to Miami for a romantic weekend in July 2020 for his birthday while his wife and kids were in Colorado with her family. She also says that he told her it was not the first time he cheated on his wife.

 “I’ve done stuff in the past. She hurt me. I hurt her. I cheated on her and even till this day she doesn’t know,” he allegedly said.

He has now released a new video, addressing the allegations. He said he was separated from his wife at the time:

“At that point, what I decided was ‘Okay, the marriage is done,'” he said. “But in order for me to have an opportunity to have this happiness or have this fulfillment that I’m looking for, I have to come into alignment with God. In order for me to connect with God, I gotta clear some things out.”


He continued, “So, I threw away my liquor, I threw away every bit of other things that I was using. I cut off everybody, Candice included. Now, I won’t say that I gave an explanation, all I said was this ain’t right and we don’t need to talk again until this divorce is final.”

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