Reginae Carter Slams Her Haters On Instagram Live


Reginae Carter has had enough of the Instagram trolls and called them out during a recent session on Instagram Live.


As Reginae wrapped up a workout session, the trolls came through with a few mean-spirited comments:

“Yeah, they jump on here and hate but guess what? While they hatin’, I’m getting me a good ass workout and they fat. F*ck them. I’m so tired of the d*mn haters, they gon hate, they gon hate. They hate what they can’t relate to, they do all of that sh*t. But guess what? I still get paid at the end of the day. I still look good. I still get what I want. F*ck you mean?” she said.

She continued: “You can hate all you want, the f*ck. I’m so tired of these people. I’m so tired of y’all. Y’all always thinking that people give a f*ck about what y’all talking about. We don’t. You won’t stop me from loving who the f*ck I love, you won’t stop me from doing what the f*ck I wanna do, you won’t. You just won’t! B*tch.”

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