Reginae Carter Back w/ Cheating Rapper YFN Lucci: ‘I Don’t Like Starting Over’

Jason Lee, founder of Hollywood Unlocked, interviewed Reginae Carter. During the interview, MTO News learned that Jason played a clip of her last appearance on his show where she was talking about her breakup with YFN Lucci. 

In the clip, Reginae was going on about how she knows all the tricks these rappers try to pull because she watched her dad, and he was way smarter. Reginae also told Jason at the time that her next relationship is gonna be private. 

After Jason played the clip, he asked Reginae how she ended up back with Lucci, and this what she said. 


“Shoot I’m human. Ever since I was younger, and I know back in the days, you don’t count your little relationships, but when I was like 15, I was with somebody from the time I was 15 to I was 17 or 18, then I got with Ray. I don’t like starting over. I don’t really understand people’s motives. Like You said, You can’t trust people. I understand how the internet feels, and how the internet feels about me and Ray, but I know Ray. I know when he’s lying, I know when he’s telling the truth. I know everything and I’m used to him. We have our problems and we go through it, and we get through it. I’m young, I just turned 22 years old. Y’all are going to see a lot of stuff. I said I wasn’t going to get new boobs, and look… I got them. Y’all are going to see me do a lot of things that I said I wasn’t going to do and then I’ll look back and be like ‘Dang Reginae’, and that’s the thing about it. Everybody is watching me. Y’all aren’t getting posted on blogs every other day, so y’all can live your lives and go back to that ***** that ain’t doing nothing for you….But me, I gotta be the one that’s talked about. I tried to be lowkey this time. Went to Miami, they started circling heads and stuff, so Hey, it’s like I can’t win.”

Jason then asked her if she’s with him because he’s familiar and she can’t trust anybody else, is it the sex, etc. 

“I’m with him because when I wake up, I’m in my skin, and ain’t nobody else near me, ain’t nobody else in my skin but me. So I say ‘hey what you want Reginae? You want him, go get him’. and then that’s what we do. That’s how Imma always live my life. At the end of the day, I’m going to always be in my skin, so I have to do what makes me happy. If it makes me sad, and we arguing, then hey, he’s getting blocked for a minute, then I’m on my on. Then we get back cool. I feel like even if it was the other way around and I broke up with him and get with the next rapper, or another one, or another one, then I’ll be called a hoe. So I can’t please nobody.”

He then asked her how her parents felt when she told them that she was getting back with him, and she said that she didn’t even get a chance to tell them, the internet told them first. 

Her parents want the best for her and want her to be happy. Her dad is a rapper and knows all the tricks so he doesn’t have an opinion either way, and Toya just cares about Reginae’s happiness, But Reginae did reveal that Toya told Lucci to his face that if he continues to make Reginae look stupid in public, she will “check him.” 

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