Reggae Star Shenseea Reportedly In Hospital For HOLDING IN FART . . . She Responds!!

Reggae star Shenseea has been going viral all week, after an online report began circulating, saying that she was hospitalized, after holding in a fart, MTO News has learned.

Well now Shenseea is clapping back – claiming that the report is false.

Over on her Instagram Story, Shenseea uploaded her own tweet where she called out the website 18 Karat Reggae for writing an article titled, “Shenseea Hospitalized After Holding in Gas Around New Rapper Boyfriend.” 

She wrote, “Just wanna let y’all know that this is the site who has been spreading non stop lies about me for views. 18 karat Reggae is so disrespectful and fake. EVERYTHING on there is a lie, literally lol.”

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“Using my name for clicks,” she said. “Spreading the worst lies. I pray [praying hands emoji] you go to hell lol. Btw this was also the site that started that pregnancy rumor about me as well.” 

Elsewhere she added, “Prime example that you cannot believe everything you read guys. One thing with me I aint afraid to address sh*t but I wont stop to throw stones at every barking dog. If you didn’t hear that sh*t from me, it’s not credible. Sites and blogs out here lying for highlights. Be smart.”

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