Real Housewives Star Porsha Allegedly Admits To Lesbian Fling w/ Latoya! (Listen)


One of the underlying themes of the current season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, is the hint of lesbian relationships between the housewives.

Now MTO News is hearing that many believe that Porsha has admitted to having a lesbian fling with her co-star Latoya Ali.

During a recent interview show, Porsha and Drew Sidora discussed an incident with fellow castmate Latoya. According to Drew, Latoya once licked a toilet bowl.

When Porsha heard the story, she said, “Don’t tell me that, because Latoya kissed me down ther . . . ” Then Porsha abruptly cut herself off, as if she realized that she was saying too much. It appeared that Porsha was about to say that Drew “kissed her down there.” – meaning the vag*na. 

Afterward, Porsha’s good friend Shamea quickly came to her rescue and said, “She didn’t kiss you down nowhere. What you talking about Porsha?!”

One popular commentator caught the slip up, and made a video about it. Watch:

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