Raz B Denies Ex-Gf’s Abuse Allegations Against Him!!

Raz B has denied allegations made by an ex-girlfriend that he was physically abusive.

“Recently, it was brought to my attention that Kallee Brookes has made false accusations, about a black eye and me forcing myself on her sexually,” he said in a video. 


“I’ve known Kallee for 20 years. This is my friend. This is my roll dog. We used to go to parties together and have a great great great time. It saddens me that I opened up the door with these amazing opportunities, from ‘Love And Hip Hop’ to the ‘Millennium Tour,’ that during the time we were together, we had such a toxic relationship. Many people can vouch and testify to the love and respect that I have for Kallee.”

“It’s been numerous of times where Kallee has been abusive to me that led to the 2019 incident where we actually got into an altercation,” he added. 

Check out the video of Raz B responding to the allegations above.

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