Ray J To Fans: Send ‘Freakiest’ Pictures, I’ll Fly Out Lucky Winner For ‘Platonic’ Meet & Greet

R&B singer and tech entrepreneur Ray J is giving his fans an offer that they may not be able to refuse. MTO News confirmed that the “One Wish” hitmaker took to Instagram Live this week and asked his female followers to send him their “freakiest”pictures.

“I’ma keep looking. I need all the freakiest pics coming to my page,” he explained during the live session. “I’m doing a freaky Friday, Saturday, Sunday pic.”

And what would the fans get in return – that’s the surprising part.

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MTO News confirmed that the singer told fans that although he wanted the pictures to be a bit salacious, he was looking to build a platonic friendship with the lucky winner who would be personally flown out to meet him.

“I’m flying somebody out to hang out and talk. It’s a very platonic situation but the pictures gotta be the opposite of platonic to get to the platonic,” Ray J clarified in the video.

So who is sending the pic?

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